Tuesday, December 27, 2011


When I am asked why the DiGi's iPhone plans is the most affordable, as a student, my simply answer is because DiGi always comes out with the lowest price in the market.

Why I'm saying that? Okay, here we will make comparison with others telecommunication's product. In MAXIS, you can see that they have four iValue plans and the monthly fee is around RM 100 to RM 375. As a student, or a workforce, do you afford to buy or have this kind of plan? Absolutely the answer is NO. If you are a workforce, I guarantee that your salary might not be enough for others thing if you have this plan. So do as a student. they don't have extra money pocket to afford this. But in DiGi, they promote with three choices and it is around RM 55 to RM156. Does it a reasonable price??!! As a student, does it affordable for you?? Yes, it is! with these plans, you can have any of them that you can afford to. That is why I love DiGi!

Maxis's iPhone4s iValue

DiGi's iPhone4s Plan
The CELCOM has come out with the 12-months contract and 24-months contract. It is good to have these kind of contracts for those who are desperate to have an iPhone 4s. But this offer is actually burden your monthly expenditure without you realize it. Would you let yourself to pay more than what you get? NO! Right? So, the DiGi's plan is still the best plan. 



akramzaki said...

tp still kna bayar masa registration tu lg mahal drp celcom.x caye try tgk bpe kna byr at first

Syaqil Iberahim said...

yeke? haha alah, bayar mula2 je,tpi berbaloi la as student untuk plan2 nih..hahaha :D

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